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Can Things Really Be Simple?

Those that know me can attest to an intolerance of things that are not intuitive.  In other words, patience is not my thing in certain areas.  This would explain by preference for all things Apple.  Their stuff simply works without a lot of effort.    But, Apple is not without fault with their software.  As […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask It

I’ve been a student and practitioner of instructional design for quite some time.  In fact, during my professional career, I’ve often been “accused” of being too theoretical and not providing a solution that was practical.  In reality, however, I thought my solutions were practical but in the context of a proper theoretical framework. I still […]

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AT&T: The Marriage of Business and Learning

From Chief Learning Officer magazine (May 20, 2013) AT&T stays on top of the latest tools, technologies and methodologies to deliver learning to its global workforce while remaining in sync with business strategy. Contributing to its success is the company’s learning and development function, which works in close collaboration with the business to understand its needs […]


AT&T No. 1: Chief Learning Officer magazine names best companies for workforce development

Frank Kalman -  March 18, 2013 AT&T tops the list of companies recognized as the 2013 LearningElite at a gala dinner at the Spring Chief Learning Officer Symposium in Austin, Texas. AT&T walked away with the honor as the best company for employee learning and development at Sunday night’s LearningElite Gala, Chief Learning Officer magazine’s annual […]

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Theory v. Reality: There’s Room for Both

This is a post from a Boise State student (I am an alum) in response to a webinar I participated in during 2010.  I welcome the conversation and have inserted my comments in blue. “I feel like I should preface my write-up below by explaining that while I was listening to the webinar and reviewing […]


Balancing between keeping up and checking out

I’ve been at this blog for almost two years and looking back, it’s interesting to see the progression I’ve made from “Look at me! I’m on Twitter! I’m hip!” to “ohmygoodness what am I doing with all these apps?” to finally trying to find a balance that works between my personal life and the life […]

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Why I Became a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)

Why did you decide to become a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)? When the CPT designation was introduced, it offered practitioners an opportunity to meet new standards of professional performance and expectations.  It also offered me instant credibility in the industry and with those with whom I work.  I guess you could equate the CPT designation […]

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“Crash Course for Understanding Gen Y” — Still Relevant

In such a fast paced society, there are few things that still stand the test of time, albeit less than two years.  Take a look at this and see if you agree. Hear me out.  Young adults have had a say in how things go since they were five.  They expect to express themselves, to […]

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Withdrawl from Wireless Service — or not

While out of wireless coverage (via a cruise) for the past week, I suffered typical withdrawl from wireless service.  Once I got used to not having that “thing” go off all the time, it was kind of nice.  It took a few days, but it was nice nonetheless. For those younger than 25, it was […]

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New York Time’s Paul Krugman: Wasting Our Minds

Thanks to my daughter, a 2009 Mizzou graduate, for forwarding this article. April 29, 2012 By PAUL KRUGMAN In Spain, the unemployment rate among workers under 25 is more than 50 percent. In Ireland almost a third of the young are unemployed. Here in America, youth unemployment is “only” 16.5 percent, which is still terrible […]


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