I am…It’s a Personal Thing

Technology, there sure is a lot of it…and the pace just keeps getting faster.  I thought I would share what I do with some of it.

  • iPad – Many have commented on it, but the one consistent question I get is, “What do you do with it?”
    • Read books – I do this more than when I was able to touch a book.  It’s half the price and seems to always be available.  It seems easier when I can’t see how many pages I have to go before I am done and a little less intimidating.  I am more well-read.
    • I instantly know what’s going on around the world.  I can browse the Bloomberg site and understand the major stories of the day and select sections that interest me, all with a swipe.  This is true for so many sites for which I have an interest.  All with a swipe and at my convenience.  I am more informed.
    • The apps really can enhance your productivity.  I can find things, remember things and do more things all with just a few clicks. I am more efficient.
    • I can take better notes in a meeting.  I can read my own writing because it is typed.  I can make better decisions and be a better leader.  I am more effective.

  • iPhone – The iOS4 software upgrade worked well for me.  Now, I can:
    • Locate all related emails via the threading capability. I am more consistent.
    • I can run more applications simultaneously due to the multitasking functionality.  I am less frustrated.
    • My six pages of apps went to two pages.  I am more organized.
  • Bluetooth – I can use my hands to keep my car on the road.  I am safer.
  • MacBook – It just works. I am happier.

Some may say technology has gotten in the way of the simple things, like reading a book or the pleasure of driving a car.  I respectfully disagree.  Technology has helped me become more of who I am...It’s a personal thing.


One thought on “I am…It’s a Personal Thing

  1. I have wondered that. I consider myself pretty sharp. but on occasions I go to pick up the iPhone and start doing something that has nothing to do with what I grabbed it for. Too much information, too many options.

    Should actually be iAm.

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