Is There a Correlation?

Today I posted two articles on Facebook and Twitter (aren’t I getting fancy!!!). The first as about the “Let’s Move” initiative that is working to prevent childhood obesity. The other post was in reference to kids using iPads. Maybe, just maybe, our kids spend so much time using new technology that they are missing using their physical technology…their bodies.

Yes, I admit I use technology a lot. But, I have never used it to sit in front of a screen and play games. I may be the minority here but gaming seems to be out of control, along with our children’s waistlines.

Use technology to exercise…whether it be your brain or your body. With gaming, someone always loses, and I am fearful that the loss will more than just a game.

There, I’ve said it.


2 thoughts on “Is There a Correlation?

  1. Bigger problem than technology is failure… specifically, the lack of failure we allow our kids to experience. There is much to be gained by failing – a sense of resiliency to pick yourself back up, the need to look at things in a new way since the first way didn’t work, and that persistence is necessary to succeed. Today’s parents want everything to be perfect for their kids, but the reality is, that we learn from our mistakes and if you aren’t ever allowed to make any or mommy fixes them for you, you don’t learn.

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