After a month, what have I learned?

I’ve been at this initiative of mine for a month now…trying to understand the needs of today’s workforce so as to prepare for tomorrow’s workforce.  Here are some observations:

  1. Today’s 8th graders are expecting, although they don’t know it themselves, to be able to use the tools in the future that they use today.  And, why shouldn’t they?  We did the same thing.  I can only imagine what the WWII generation must think to today’s workforce.  They are so behind, and we could fall into the same situation.
  2. My iPad is terrific but there is sooooo much information out there that I’ve got to prioritize.  I’ve found my favorite news reader (Pulse) which allows me to keep up to date on stuff that matters to me.  I learned how to tweet (although only 6 19 people are following me).  My Facebook page is relatively current, as is my LinkedIn page.
  3. Some of the links to information that I find relevant is from all over the world.  And, I’ve participated in some conversations.  I am global.  The issues that concern me are shared by many.  That’s a start.
  4. Lots of the available technologies do similar things.  In a silly sort of way, I’m frustrated in that I cannot pick the perfect app to do it all…that should have been invented already!!!

Uh oh, I think I may have entered the millennial zone.


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