For what do I use my iPad? Well, lots of things!

Now that iPad has launched in many retail stores, it seems appropriate to share how I use mine since so many people have asked me “what do you do with it?” Well, here are some of the ones I use every day.

  1. Taking notes in meetings — I haven’t taken a paper note since I got iPad in April. There are LOTS of applications to take notes with but my preferred app is Daily Notes. Think of it as Covey meets iPad.
  2. Pulse — Terrific news reader. Can read, share and post up to 60 news feeds
  3. Todo — Self-explanatory but it keeps it all together. Again, there are plenty of those for download.
  4. Friendly — Since Facebook does not have an iPad app, this one is perfect Instapaper – for online content that I can’t read, at that moment, allows me to save them for later
  5. iBooks — Makes it easy to read
  6. Flipboard — It’s just nice to look at…the ultimate iPad app.

Bottom line, it’s a great device from my perspective. I’m more informed, especially surrounding areas that are of interest to me. It’s totally personalized to meet my needs. Hmmm, kinda what learning ought to be, huh? And, I didn’t even have to go to a class.


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