Become a Minimalist: I’m all about Apple

With so much content being pushed (thrown) at us, I’m becoming convinced that you simply have to select tools that work to accomplish MOST of what you want to accomplish as there are so many options.  So after several months of learning and refining, here are my basics:

  • Get a Smartphone.  Most operate similarly but the difference between them comes down to the availability of apps.  Apple clearly has a huge advantage in this area and has become the benchmark by which the competition is judged.  I’ve tried all the Smartphones operating systems out there and, for me, the iPhone (iOS) remains on top.  Again, it’s the apps.
  • Tablets:  See above.  Substitute iPad for iPhone.
  • Keeping up with apps:  AppAdvice … it’s an app at the Apple App Store.
    • Reading books:  iBooks or Kindle app on the iPad (see above).  iBooks allows for notations and highlighting.  The Kindle device makes sense if you only plan on reading on your device.
    • News ReaderPulse.  It publishes to my own Pulse site, Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper and has email options.  It also pulls from Google Reader.  Flipboard is nice, but it does not have an Instapaper-like option.
  • Tagging:  Becoming more and more prevalent.  Learn more.  The new e-signature.
  • Consolidation:  Brings everything together on an easy page.  Check mine out.

Well, those are my thoughts.  BTW, Happy New Year!!!


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