My iPad crashed (and I almost did, too): A bit of self-reflection

I seem to have over indulged with content on my iPad.  It’s telling me “no more apps, no more apps” and to prove the point, it started crashing a lot.  I got it fixed (deleted a bunch of stuff and had to set the entire iPad up all over again).  So, how am I feeling about all of this?

  1. Anxious, to say the least.  I was out of my routine and recognized, to my disappointment, how digitally dependent I had become.
  2. Victimized by myself.  I did this to myself … no one else is to blame.  I am in charge of getting myself out of this as well so I am…
  3. In control of the situation.  iPad is not perfect … it does require some input from me.
  4. Digitally overweight.  I’m now reading The Digital Diet (on my iPad, of course … I may be digitally overweight but I’m not dead).
  5. Frustrated at the fact that my apps that were backed up to Google Docs don’t sync back to the iPad app format.
  6. Thankful that the content of my apps were saved.
  7. Bothered that No. 5 came before No. 6.

While traveling this past week, I noticed that my rental car did not come with a key fob (2010 model).  In reality, I had to use the key to unlock the door, causing me to think to myself “WTF?”  Then, more reality set in … I have a job and a roof over my head.  Get real, Elliot … get real.

With somewhat of a level head, I think back to the time when microwaves were introduced (yes, I am that old).  Many predicted the end of the oven, similarly the way they predicted the end of classroom training when eLearning was birthed.  Same concept here … technology should supplement, not replace what we have, including the ability to think independently, actually speak with another person instead of email (wait, email is so 2008 … replace email with Twitter, Facebook, whatever), and live the way we used to … in person.

To me, technology should be the enabler … it works for me … not the other way around.


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