Put a fork in me…I am done.

Hmmm, Google+ might have just sent me over the top.  Consider what I have done to myself:

  • Five personal email accounts
  • Two Facebook accounts
  • Two Twitter accounts
  • One LinkedIn account
  • Two blogs
  • One website
  • No MySpace accounts (yay for me)
Now, I am being flooded with all of the wonderfulness of Google+ (G+).  Really?  Why would I encourage all of my contacts on all of these existing accounts to migrate to G+?  Would they do it all for me?  I don’t think so.
While G+ might be better than the rest, for me, this ship has sailed.  I don’t have followers that approach the volume of Ashton Kutcher or Lady Gaga or Barack Obama. I’m not a power player. I did this to myself.  I need simplification.
Put a fork in me.  I am done.

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