Withdrawl from Wireless Service — or not

While out of wireless coverage (via a cruise) for the past week, I suffered typical withdrawl from wireless service.  Once I got used to not having that “thing” go off all the time, it was kind of nice.  It took a few days, but it was nice nonetheless.

For those younger than 25, it was another story altogether.  I saw phones being carried around, shoved into pockets that are too small for a paper clip, and hanging around other body parts.  You might think that these devices were being used as music players but, alas, they were not.  They were simply there, filling a void that has become as essential as gasoline is to a car.  I can only guess the following scenarios played out:

  1. They paid for an international roaming plan.  Texting, voice calls, whatever…all in an effort to convey to their friends that wonderful conversation starter word of “Wasssuppp?”  I wish I could see their faces (or the faces of their parents) when they get the bill.
  2. They think they are THAT important that no call could be missed.  Legends in their own minds, so to speak.  Here’s a tip:  You’re not.
  3. They have never experienced NOT having wireless coverage.

Wireless services are good things and, used effectively, can make life more enjoyable.  But, to see how it impacted some individuals simply screamed out to me of a psychological study waiting to happen.  I can just imagine the title now:  “No wireless service:  An increased concern for people jumping overboard.”

Take a break from it.  Your family will thank you.


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