Why I Became a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)

ISPI Atlanta logoWhy did you decide to become a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)?

When the CPT designation was introduced, it offered practitioners an opportunity to meet new standards of professional performance and expectations.  It also offered me instant credibility in the industry and with those with whom I work.  I guess you could equate the CPT designation with similar designation from the accounting profession (CPA), financial planning (CFP), along with a host of others.

What does the certification offer you?  

Certification offers peer recognition along with a commitment to continuously learn.  It implies to the industry that I’ve met specific standards and am “certified” in my level of skill and knowledge.  It does not get you more money but, via enhanced credibility, it most certainly can.

Have you seen any results because of your certification? What are they/or why not?

My peers understand the process and, therefore, it established a benchmark of knowledge.  I haven’t received any financial benefit from the certification but continue to maintain it as part of my professional development and industry insight.

Would you become certified again?

I’ve renewed my certification several times, each by meeting the established criteria.  Further renewals will be determined at the time that it is due.  There is a financial cost to renew, and it must be weighed with the benefits.

What do you see as the difference between the ISPI certification and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) certification?

To me, ISPI is more of a practical application.  It gets to the heart of the comparison between the two organizations.  ISPI is focused on performance improvement, while ASTD is more generic in its focus on training.

Still not sure if CPT is right for you? Read ISPI’s frequently asked questions.


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