Balancing between keeping up and checking out

imagesI’ve been at this blog for almost two years and looking back, it’s interesting to see the progression I’ve made from “Look at me! I’m on Twitter! I’m hip!” to “ohmygoodness what am I doing with all these apps?” to finally trying to find a balance that works between my personal life and the life that as become so interdependent (or tied to) technology.

  1. I’ve learned that I can’t do it all, and there is no app that can do it all either.
  2. I try to find what works and stick with it, while staying engaged with the evolution of your interests.
  3. There is always someone who knows more than I do or can do it better than I can.

Technology will continue to evolve, and we will always find ourselves trying to keep up, while still asking questions about what’s ahead:

What’s the newest network to belong to? How are we communicating today? Or tomorrow? How will our job descriptions change (or will they) to meet/keep up with technology? What will be the expectations the next generation of workers will have or us and what will be our expectations of them? How will technology affect learning more so than it has already?

And that’s change, along with the excitement of what lies ahead, is what keeps me going.


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