Can Things Really Be Simple?

Those that know me can attest to an intolerance of things that are not intuitive.  In other words, patience is not my thing in certain areas.  This would explain by preference for all things Apple.  Their stuff simply works without a lot of effort.

But, Apple is not without fault with their software.  As an intense user of technology to learn stuff, it’s hard to find that balance of simplicity and effectiveness when in comes to technology. Using these devices in a business context makes things even more interesting.

Let’s not even discusses Blackberry or Windows.

With my iPhone and iPad, I was able to conduct myself at work with relative ease, save the few limitations of Apple’s software. But that was with two devices.

So, here’s the experiment. I’ve secured a Samsung Note 3 (you know, that honker of a thing that might be referred to as a “phablet”).  It runs the latest Android software and does a lot more than the current version of iOS7 that is currently running my Apple devices.

Now, in the true spirit if transparency, I’m not an Android fan.  But, here’s the deal… For a month, I’m going to from using two, simple-to-use devices that almost do everything to one device that should be able to do everything.  Keep in mind that this is not a PC replacement experiment but, rather, an experiment to see if I can combine the needs of two devices into one and keep doing what I normally do.  In fact, this blog post was done on the Note 3.

Again, I love all things Apple and am frustrated by Android so I’ve stated my biases pretty clearly.  But the literature shows a trend towards a one-device strategy. As long as it can fit in my pocket, I’m good with this possible reality.

Let’s see what happens.   I’ll keep you posted.




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