Use Technology to Learn About Technology

I read an article (online, of course) that reflected on how cumbersome it was to do research on any topic.  What library?  Inter-campus sharing of textbooks?  Snail mail?  How 2005.  Now there might be too many ways to find the information you are looking for so, essentially, you have to select your technology in a way that makes you not only efficient and effective but, also, comfortable.  Reduce the anxiety of technology overload.

For me, the answer is two-fold.  Evernote is my overall storage locker, so to speak.  Every time i find something of interest, I send it to my Evernote account.  To date, I have almost 800 “articles” from which I can sort, slice, and dice my way through to get what I need.  How long does it take to do that?  About as long as it takes to type in a Google search.

The other option is Flipboard.  This is a curation of content that I have selected (similar to my Evernote activity) but it is presented is such a more user-friendly way.  I can’t sort like Evernote but what I can do is share it with you.  Why?  Selfishly, it helps build my brand but it also gives me easy access to content.  Here is the link to my magazine “Learning 4 Tomorrow.”

So, both technologies work for me.  Both have similar yet different purposes.  What technologies are you using to integrate your learning?